Casting Spoons


Several sizes/weights of spoons are offered to improve our catalog and offer a wide range of articles to lure our beautiful trout, both for fishing in large and small rivers, mountain lakes and Area.


3 sizes available:

35 / 46 / 58mm

2.8 / 7.5 / 11grams


Too often set aside, the spoon is nevertheless formidable in all situations and allows you to prospect an area more quickly and efficiently than with a  minnow.


As much with a linear animation as in drift accompanied by a few tractions, its disorderly fall and its luminous power do not leave the salmonids insensitive.

Its irregular swim will trigger more bites compared to a lure that has a mechanical and above all predictable swim. Its efficiency, its ease of use and its 'economic' side make it, without a doubt, a must have in its box!



Jigging Spoons


Metal jig 65mm for 11grams (2.55 inchs / 0,39oz) specially designed for trout fishing in mountain lakes, dams...


It launches very well and stays straight against the wind which sometimes makes lake fishing difficult and above all allows you to explore areas inaccessible with other types of lures.


On the swimming side, it flutters perfectly horizontally and sends a maximum of reflections thanks to its holographic dressing, two very distinct animations are offered to it, in linear it will react in the manner of an undulating with a rather wide swimming while stirring a lot of water, then like a metal jig starting from the bottom, alternating rapid pulls then pause which will let the jig flutter down and trigger the attack.



Our assist hook assembly allows the grip of the hook during the fight and limit the loss of the fish.


We recommend the use of this type of hook to replace the treble hooks of your lures for better handling and to damage our dear trout as little as possible.


Sold in pairs, the assembly is solid because it is glued with glue and epoxy varnish. You can also choose between 16 different colors.



50mm hardbait for 4.2 grams (2 inchs / 0.15oz), supplied with single hooks with barbs.


Ideal for small and medium rivers, torrents and low end of season waters, the PTH50 differs from other lures by its energetic and tight swim. It is entirely made and painted by hand.



65mm hardbait for 7.2 grams (2.55 inchs / 0.25oz), supplied with single hooks with barbs.


This size 'all terrain' lure reacts very well to twitching and fully simulates a lost or injured fish. It holds the currents strongly and is formidable in 3/4 downstream fishing. It is also entirely made and painted by hand.



75mm hardbait for 10 grams (2.95 inchs / 0.35oz), supplied with single hooks with barbs.


A lure dedicated to the tracking of large subjects, its erratic and flexible swimming activates the aggressiveness of difficult predators, for an optimal use it is recommended a type of fishing action 'handled'. It is also entirely made and painted by hand.

Flat 60


60mm hardbait for 8 grams (2.36 inchs / 0.28oz), supplied with single hooks with barbs.


Specially designed for fast/strong water fishing, the Flat 60 has totally flat sides which give it a powerful hold and an imperturbable swim, an alternative to the PTH when fishing against the current. It is also entirely made and painted by hand.