As passionate we are all looking for quality, originality and above all exclusivity...


In order to guarantee to our customers higher quality products, we established precise and rigorous processes at every step from conception to marketing.

  • First-choice raw materials.
  • Meticulous manufacturing where detail is essential.
  • A test and adjustment in real conditions of each of our lures.


A fishing lure that "swims" is important, certainly, but that's not all.


  • The form of the PTH's plays a major role as it imitate the forage fish that populates our streams, one of the trout's favorite foods, so its silhouette is familiar.


  • The fiberglass lip offers a variable vibration frequency due to its flexibility allowing it to to wave according to the resistance it encounters, modifying the swimming and the waves emitted by the lure.


  • The metal ball ballast (steel, tungsten) is made according to a very precise technique to obtain a rolling of the most inciter as well on a slow and fast fishing action.


  • A stainless steel traversing frame wrapped on itself at both ends for more resistance and safety on big fish.


  • A bi-component resin that increases the strength, stability and efficiency of the dewatering.


  • A carefully selected paint and colors, worked exclusively on the airbrush and by hand for the most meticulous details. 


All our lures are supplied with assist hook handmade with strong iron hook, overturned with exceptional sharp.


Our fishing lure are delivered in a transparent individual bag with a PTL Craft card.


All will be delivered in a PVC bubble wrap for optimum protection during delivery.


Our creations are entirely made and painted by hand.

Each fishing lure is tested by our care guaranteeing optimum adjustment under normal conditions of use.



Passionate about trout fishing and the beauty of the Pyrenean rivers, making our own fish swimmers was certainly the logical sequence to our fisherman's life...



Several months of demanding work and technical development leads us today to proudly offer our jewelry to as many people as possible.


Our goal is to communicate our know-how, our passion and the importance of preserving our fishing environments in order to perpetuate the species that animates us all... wild trout.